Moving Toward a Zero Waste Lifestyle

Taking the steps toward a Zero Waste lifestyle can be a pretty hard thing to do.

I still remember my reaction when Naomi first suggested we start living a more sustainable life and cut back on our use of plastic. It was not a positive one.

Same thing with introducing reusable kitchen towels, using vinegar for cleaning purposes, and making homemade food products like almond milk and peanut butter. I had gotten so used to the convenience of a wasteful lifestyle, I had no interest in changing anything.

Along these lines, it seemed that every step along the journey towards Zero Waste involved at least a little bit of kicking and screaming on my end. But now here we are; we try to avoid needless plastic items, we bring reusable bags everywhere, and we’re even considering starting an indoor compost.

So how does one change from thinking recycling is nothing but a waste of time, to someone who genuinely cares about the impact he has on the environment?

Well, it hasn’t been easy, I can tell you that. But, as Naomi is fond of pointing out, I am living proof that it is possible to reform even the most stubborn polluter.

That said, both me and Naomi are far from perfect Zero Wasters. We still have to buy some items in single-use packaging, we use store-bought toothpaste, and I am certainly not ready to give up toilet paper. But the path towards Zero Waste is one of continuous improvement – not an all-or-nothing concept as so many seem to believe.

And this is what we want to promote here at WasteLess; the transition to a more sustainable, healthy lifestyle – no matter how small the individual steps may be.

And a big part of this involves providing the option to shop packaging-free. Because today, going Zero Waste can be a major hassle, if not downright impossible. If more people are to embrace this lifestyle, it needs to be made a lot easier.

That’s what we want to offer with WasteLess – and easy alternative to the wasteful shopping culture of today’s society.

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